August 1, 2021

TN police warns of con artists posing as Customs officials in social media to commit frauds


“The digital age has increased the reach of cyber fraudsters, as they can target countless people with each plot. These confidence tricksters posing as Customs officials, are defrauding people of crores of rupees using a combination of social media and social engineering skills” a post in TN police Facebook page said.

These scammers sell cheap products through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Victims fall for such cheap prices and order the products online.

The fraudsters demand for online payment and once the payment is done, they send the tracking ID. The scammers then impersonate as customs officials and calls the victim stating that their product in having issues with taxes and is at Customs office, TN police said while explaining through modus operandi.

The scammers then demand for money as taxes for the delivery of product. Once the amount is credited to them, they switch off the numbers and deny…

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