October 26, 2021
General News

To save face, India shifts focus to QUAD alliances for geo-politics

After suffering humiliation to fulfill its nefarious designs in Afghanistan, India is now trying to shift its focus to other alliances like QUAD to further its geo-political interests.

The evil game of using Afghanistan soil against Pakistan doomed after the Taliban’s control, prompting it to go for face-saving and to appease its domestic voices, besides posing as the self-assumed regional leader among the international community with its perpetual failure in Pakistan-specific antics.

Fully tainted with gross human rights violations, Modi’s government frustration is evident and now it is vying to shift its strategic weight on the international arena amid growing tense ties between China and US.

Former Afghan military was trained and the notorious spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) equipped ex-Afghan intelligence operators and mercenaries from anti-Taliban elements in…

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