November 17, 2021
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Top Crypto V.C. Katie Haun Is Playing the Long Game

Criminals are early adopters and in some ways they make great beta testers for new technology. They’re always looking for a way around the system. Frankly, law enforcement officials actually really like when payment is made in Bitcoin as opposed to fiat. I think it’s funny because as a former prosecutor, I take this for granted. There’s a real false sense of security where wires are used or traditional financial services are used. People think, “Oh, we know everything about that. So we’ll just go subpoena. The bank will give us these records and we’ll just go get the money.” That is just so far from the reality of the situation.

So you don’t believe that these ransomware attacks are a function of crypto?

I think you are asking if crypto is the cause of ransomware, and it’s absolutely not. I prosecuted many of the Justice Department’s largest online money laundering…

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