November 17, 2021

TrueFi raises $12.5 million, spikes 435%: where to buy TRU

TrueFi drew capital from Andreessen Horowitz and Alameda, with the resulting price surge leaving other coins in the dust

TrueFi is up by an astonishing 435% today after a successful funding round raised $12.5 million. TrueFi is distinguished from the hundreds of other DeFi protocols by its innovative, incentive-based, uncollateralised lending mechanism, which presents an alternative to the orthodox way of doing things in the sector. Investors now include a16z (Andreessen Horowitz), BlockTower, and Alameda.

To learn more about why TrueFi has surged today, read on. We’ll also show you how and where to buy TRU today.

How & where to buy TrueFi in the UK and elsewhere

TRU tokens are readily available from a wide range of reputable and reliable broker and exchange services. We’ve shortlisted two of the best platforms below for your convenience: simply join one and create a free account and make a deposit to get started.

Aim to avoid…

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