November 17, 2021
General News

Trump Justice Department subpoenas take extreme measures to new level

In the spring of 2006, top Justice Department officials were considering an extraordinary next step in a bribery investigation of a sitting House member.

Then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had huddled at least twice with senior FBI officials, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty and Steven Bradbury, who led Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, before signing off on a raid of then-Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson’s congressional office — an unprecedented action that would shake the political establishment to its core. 

Inherent in the criminal investigation were the raw political implications of a Republican administration taking on a Democratic lawmaker.

Indeed, Gonzales, who did not tip the Bush White House to the plan, McNulty and FBI Director Robert Mueller privately vowed to resign if the White House had ordered the seized evidence returned to Jefferson.

CIA Director…

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