August 2, 2021

TTU heads collaboration to study impact, technology necessary for recycling of produced water | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) — The following is a news release from Texas Tech University:

As one of the leading agricultural research institutions in the U.S., Texas Tech University will serve as the administrator for the newly created Texas Produced Water Consortium, a collaborative effort to explore options, alternatives and potential economic impacts for the billions of gallons of produced water in Texas each year.

Produced water is water trapped in underground formations brought to the surface during oil and gas exploration and production. It also is known as brine, saltwater or formation water. Each year, oil and gas exploration generates more than 800 billion gallons of produced water – 6% of the full storage capacity of all water supply reservoirs in Texas.

The consortium, introduced to the Texas Legislature by state Sen. Charles Perry and signed by…

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