October 19, 2021
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Two new books assess the geopolitical lessons of covid-19

Aftershocks. By Colin Kahl and Thomas Wright. St. Martin’s Press; 464 pages; $29.99 and £23.99

Geopolitics for the End Time. By Bruno Maçães. Hurst; 240 pages; £18.99

THERE ARE few monuments to the tens of millions of victims of the Spanish flu, overshadowed as it was by the death and destruction of the first world war. “It is difficult to assign great historical meaning to a pandemic, which is perhaps why they tend to be forgotten,” notes Bruno Maçães. Nevertheless, a catastrophe like covid-19 cries out for interpretation. It is too early to discern all the ways in which this pandemic has changed the course of history. But has it revealed anything about the structure of international politics today?

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Two new books attempt an ambitiously early…

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