July 27, 2021

Two owners are reaching out, but Steve Cohen clearly is having more fun than Hal Steinbrenner is

In their last decade of owning the Mets, neither Fred Wilpon nor his COO son, Jeff, spent much time, if any, speaking on the record about the state of the franchise. But it didn’t start out that way.

Previously, Fred sat with reporters in Port St. Lucie for his annual spring training address, but that understandably ended right around the time the Wilpons became entangled in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Beyond that, there were postmortems at the end of some seasons, mostly those involving the firing/hiring of a GM/manager.

And if you go further back, to the turn of the century, Fred used to be the kind of owner whom you would call if the Mets were in a particularly bad slide on the field — just as reporters did with George Steinbrenner — to gauge the temperature up in the…

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