June 19, 2021

Two Victoria businesses lost thousands in recent Bitcoin scam – BC News

Bitcoin scam nets thousands

Jeff Bell / Times Colonist – | Story: 334737

Victoria police are warning the public about a sophisticated Bitcoin fraud that targeted staff at two outlets of the same retailer in Victoria and Saanich.

Police say the retailer, who they are not naming, has lost thousands of dollars as a result of the scam.

At both locations, a man identifying himself as “Robert Wells” phoned and claimed to be the regional manager. He said that business licences needed for an upcoming health inspection were about to be delivered to the store.

He said the stores would be closed without the licences.

While he was still on the phone, a second fraudster called the store claiming to be from a delivery company. The caller “confirmed” the delivery, gave a tracking number and demanded payment in advance — in Bitcoin.


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