August 2, 2021

UB BIG reports helping create 530 tech jobs – UB Now: News and views for UB faculty and staff

The UB Buffalo Institute of Genomics and Data Analytics reported Friday it has helped create 530 jobs at high-tech companies, far surpassing its commitment to create 250 jobs by next February.

The announcement was made outside the Amherst offices of KSL Biomedical, a medical diagnostics startup that has leveraged the resources of the institute, nicknamed BIG, to create more than 100 jobs since its founding three years ago.

“We had big ideas, and we needed resources like BIG to realize them,” said Kevin Lawson, KSL CEO.

“I look at it like the old physics lesson about potential energy. There’s the big rock on top of a hill. But you need the hill. You need the lever to get it down the hill,” he said. “Western New York has provided that. BIG has provided that. The vision of the university and government working together, putting these tools in place, has really built the…

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