September 27, 2021

UBC prof’s new book about health scams falls victim to scam on Amazon

A University of British Columbia nursing professor who just published a book about health scams scams has suddenly found himself and his book at the centre of an online scam. 

Bernie Garrett’s The New Alchemists: The Rise of Deceptive Health Care started selling on Amazon on July 23.

But last week, a person looking to buy the book through the e-commerce giant alerted Garrett there was a second, fake version of the book also for sale on the website.

Some versions of the imposter book are distinguishable from the original because the fake author name “Uchenna Kingsley” has been poorly photoshopped over Garrett’s on the cover image.

“The irony is not lost on me. It’s very bizarre,” said Garrett. 

“Amazon is a reputable business and well known — I use it myself, as most of us do. And finding the product on there, which is blatantly fraudulent … is something very worrying.”

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