June 23, 2021

UC Berkeley: Are Renters — And The U.S. Economy — Hurtling Toward An ‘Eviction Cliff’?

PHOTO: More than a year after COVID-19 lockdowns were imposed, millions of U.S. renters have lost income and are billions of dollars behind in paying rent. When federal and state moritoria expire in the weeks ahead, UC Berkeley experts say, the nation may see a surge in evictions — and an unprecedented housing disaster. (Photo by David Mark via Pixabay)

Schools and businesses are reopening, diners are returning to restaurants, and fans are returning to sports stadiums, but a new crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic may be just weeks away: the possible eviction of millions of Americans who have fallen behind in their rent.

When massive job losses and other pandemic-driven economic pressures left many renters unable to pay and accumulating debt to their landlords, the federal government and some states set moratoria that blocked evictions. Now the U.S. ban is set to expire on June 30, and…

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