June 19, 2021
General News

Under U.S. pressure on graft, El Salvador ratifies cooperation deal with China

The release on Tuesday of a U.S. government list labeling 17 Central American politicians as corrupt prompted El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele to praise China, and its congress to ratify a 2019 cooperation agreement with the country.

The office of U.S. Representative Norma Torres, who had requested the report, released the U.S. State Department document. The report named a close aide of Bukele and his former security minister among those “credibly alleged” to have engaged in corrupt acts. Bukele himself was not named.

The list also includes Honduran and Guatemalan legislators and former officials from all three nations. The report said the list is based on “media reporting, credible information or allegations” of corruption, drug trafficking and using proceeds of crime to finance political campaigns.

After the release, Bukele said on Twitter the list was about “geopolitics” not…

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