November 17, 2021

US dollar falls after employment report

New York, June 4th (Xinhua)-The US dollar fell in the second half of Friday as market participants digested the newly announced salary figures.

The dollar index, which measures greenbacks against the six major peers, fell 0.41% to 90.1401.

In the New York closing price, the euro rose from $ 1.2125 to $ 1.2165 in the previous session and the pound sterling rose from $ 1.4095 to $ 1.4159 in the previous session. The Australian dollar rose from $ 0.7651 to $ 0.7743.

The US dollar bought 109.50 yen, which was lower than 110.29 yen the day before. The US dollar fell from CHF 0.9041 to CHF 0.8991 and from CAD 1.2104 to CAD 1.2074.

On the economic front, US employers added 559,000 jobs in May, recovering from the fall in jobs in April, and the unemployment rate fell to 5.8%, the Ministry of Labor reported on Friday.

Job growth was remarkable in May in the areas of leisure and…

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