June 17, 2021

US FTC report finds large companies’ anti-repair restrictions hurt small businesses and consumers

A new report has been published on Thursday by the United States Federal Trade Commission which validates anti-repair tactics used by large-scale companies. iFixIt has spent a lot of time advocating for the consumers’ Right to Repair as well as provide tools and documentation for the repair of most of today’s mainstream tech.

iFixIt’s teardown of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Major findings in the report mention a few topics that are concerning for consumers: “Warranties are being routinely voided in violation of the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act”. This act, established in 1975, governs warranties on consumer products. The violation in question is the voiding of warranties caused by a product being handled or repaired by a third party or “unauthorized service”. Next, “The burden or repair restrictions may fall more heavily on communities of color and lower-income…

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