October 21, 2021

US receiver seeking to recover $2 million over Long Island land deal – Eye Witness News

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC): “the largest overseas real estate investment scam”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A court-appointed receiver is seeking to recoup some $2 million in connection with an illegal land deal involving hundreds of acres of land on Long Island.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) described it as “the largest overseas real estate investment scam” it has ever targeted.

The California-based firm of Robb Evans and Associates has filed a lawsuit alleging that the millions were obtained from duped investors of the Sanctuary Belize scam.

It alleges that Florida-based attorney Jorge Diaz-Cueto and his Bahamian-incorporated company Bella Mar owe $881,245, and $1.07 million respectively.

A $120 million judgment has been made against certain defendants in the Sanctuary Belize litigation, including Andis Pukke, described as a “recidivist fraudster”, who was involved in the Long Island land deal.

The receiver…

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