October 16, 2021

US stocks suffer worst monthly loss since March 2020 | Financial Markets News

Investors are warily eyeing the global energy crunch, the US debt ceiling debate and plans by the US Federal Reserve to wind down some of its pandemic-related economic support, among other factors.

By Bloomberg

Volatility continued to roil financial markets, with U.S. equities notching their biggest monthly selloff since March 2020.

Stocks pushed lower on Thursday even after confirmation that the House passed a nine-week spending bill to avert a U.S. government shutdown. For traders, that was just one within a litany of risks. Investors are also bracing for the Federal Reserve to wind down its stimulus amid mounting fears about slowing economic growth, elevated inflation, supply-chain bottlenecks, a global energy crunch and regulatory risks emanating from China.

Political wrangling in Washington is threatening to push the U.S. into default and force…

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