November 17, 2021

Vaccine ‘honor system’ in U.S. leaves false sense of security for businesses

All it takes to make your own vaccination card is a few minutes of online searching, a printer and some card-stock paper.

That’s not good news for businesses across the U.S. which are – under guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – relaxing restrictions and allowing vaccinated people to take off their masks and move about more freely. Where proof of vaccination is required, companies are relying on a program that’s easily circumvented and open to outright fraud, making it little better than the honor system.

Meanwhile, the incentives to appear vaccinated are increasing: United Airlines won’t hire any more non-vaccinated employees after June 15. Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show will only sell tickets to vaccinated patrons. Several baseball stadiums are selling tickets to “vaccinated only” sections. At Walmart, the nation’s biggest private…

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