October 22, 2021
General News

Vail Symposium celebrates 50 years of intellectual engagement in the valley

The Vail Symposium began as an annual think tank to formulate goals and ideas for the future development of Vail Valley. Here, community members convene for the second Vail Symposium in 1972, titled “Agenda For Tomorrow – A New Growth Ethic”.
Special to the Daily

Over the last 50 years, Vail has managed to transcend its image as a ski resort and become a destination that caters to a wide variety of interests and attracts a diverse group of people. This transformation is not one that many other mountain towns have undertaken, but the vision of Vail as more than a ski destination has been embedded in the town’s ethos since the very beginning.

In 1971, town manager Terry Minger started the Vail Symposium as an annual think tank that brought town founders, supporters and community members together to formulate goals…

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