November 15, 2021

VERIFY: Must you reveal your Social Security number to collect from $61M Dish Network class-action suit?

A woman from Hamburg asked if it was fact or fraud. We looked into it.

HAMBURG, N.Y. — It’s prudent to be suspicious anytime you’re asked to provide your personal information, like your Social Security number. Cindi Olejniczak of Hamburg got a letter in the mail, along with a $595 check, saying she was part of a class-action lawsuit against Dish Network. She’s never even been a Dish customer.

“I was just very leery of it,” she said.

She then read that she would be given thousands of dollars in additional money if she would fill out a form, including her Social Security number. She almost tossed it out, thinking it was a scam, but she decided to double check.

“We always watch Channel 2,…

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