September 16, 2021
Real Estate

Veteran real estate expert Walter Hall launches national legacy program for Realtors; The Power of Partnering

Walter Hall

The Power of Partnering seeks to establish a new set of professional standards which could revolutionize the real estate industry

My 60-plus years in the real estate industry has been very good to me, and I want to give something meaningful back to those in the industry –particularly the home sellers, buyers and renters.”

— Walter Hall

NORWELL, MA, USA, September 7, 2021 / — Walter Hall, long recognized as the leading authority on residential real estate professional practices, recently announced that The Hall Institute of Real Estate will soon launch a national program for Realtors called The Power of Partnering, built on the premise that “It’s time to give consumers more power, knowledge and control when selling, buying or renting their home.” The Power of Partnering professional standards…

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