July 27, 2021

Video shows burglar who cut hole through wall of business in Fife

Fife Police are asking for the public’s help to identify a burglary suspect who wiggled his way through a hole he cut in the sheetrock of a Metro PCS store. 

Around 4 a.m. on  July 2, the suspect pried open the window to a vacant business in the 400 block of Pacific Hwy E in Fife.  

The suspect then sawed a hole in the wall of the next-door business back office and crawled through the sheetrock into the cell phone store.

Burglary suspect cut a hole in the wall of a vacant business in Fife 

“We do get a pretty good video of the suspect as he cut a hole in the wall and he entered the business, looked right up at the video camera.  Eventually, he covered the camera so he couldn’t be seen but him initially entering and looking up at the camera gave us a pretty good view of the suspect so we’re hoping your viewers can help us identify the suspect,” said…

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