September 27, 2021

View from the labor market trenches

Some job seekers are taking their time…

“There were endless amounts of roles. I could be extremely picky.”

Ashley Taylor, who works in software sales.

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While others are struggling…

“I haven’t even been able to get the jobs that I don’t want. And that’s with five years of college.”

Gaeble King, an attendant at a county park in Washington who’s looking to advance in his field and work as an environmental geologist.

  • Parks have gained popularity during the pandemic, and there’s an abundance of open roles, but “they want to hire people that they don’t necessarily have to train,” says King. And getting that training himself would require going back to school and accruing more debt.

And employers are getting desperate…

“We have people that will flat out tell you they don’t want a job. They say their…

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