September 28, 2021
General News

Vladimir Putin Gets Corrected by Schoolboy about Russian History

Russian President Vladimir Putin was given an unexpected history lesson by a teenage student after he made a mistake in describing a battle that was fought over 300 years ago.

Putin was addressing the students at the Ocean children’s center in the Far East city of Vladivostok in a televised address to mark the start of the school year.

As he spoke on Wednesday, Putin said that the forces of Tsar Peter the Great, the founder of the president’s hometown of St Petersburg, defeated the Swedish empire in the 1709 Battle of Poltava during the Seven Years’ War

However, high school student Nikanor Tolstykh, from the city of Vorkuta, fearlessly corrected the president and said that the battle, which thrust Russia into the forefront of 18th-century European geopolitics, in fact took place during the Great Northern War.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with teenagers in Vladivostok to mark…

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