August 5, 2021
General News

Voters, take note: All politics is not just local — it’s concentric

I agree with Renée Loth (“Think history, vote locally,” Opinion, July 16). So many people fail to pay attention to local politics. What happens within and passes through city councils and select boards is often just the springboard to wider policies and practices. Too many taxpayers pay attention only to the school committee and not to the town council, or vice versa, when they should pay attention to the interplay between them. All funds are fungible. Police officers and maintenance employees end up in school budgets, decreasing the funds for teachers and school counselors, because people do not pay attention.

I make a donation to a Boston mayoral race candidate even though I do not live in Boston, because I know what happens with the public unions — police, fire, teachers, public works. There will be trickle down to my community, and it will become part of the culture and…

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