October 19, 2021

Warning over car scams that could cost you thousands and empty your bank account

A warning has been issued to drivers over scams that could cost them thousands.

Some could even empty your bank account completely.

Online crooks are running a number of con tricks and motorists are urged to be vigilant – especially new drivers who are keen to get on the road for the first time after the restrictions and delays of the pandemic.

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The scams that are circulating range from hundreds to thousands of pounds in the amount that could potentially be stolen.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has issued a warning to new drivers to watch out for hoax car insurance deals that are promoted on social media.

As thousands of young drivers pass their driving tests following a long delay during the pandemic, motorists are urged to be vigilant when shopping for insurance policies.

To help make young drivers aware of the criminals capitalising…

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