September 27, 2021

Watch Now: Cryptobanking makes Tulsa-based Vast into nationally noticed high-tech firm | Local Business News

Among about 20 national media outlets — and counting — that have done stories on Vast Bank’s new service: Forbes, Fox Business, Bitcoin Magazine, American Banker, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

In addition, the Vast Bank service is now available in 49 states — North Dakota being the lone exception, Cavness said.

Cryptocurrency is an emerging technology-based form of digital money with benefits over traditional currencies that include advanced security, reduced intermediaries, cross-border transactions and nearly instant settlement, even with large transactions.

Previously, Cavness said, customers would often need third parties for exchanges between cryptocurrencies and checking accounts.

“What we have tried to do is make the path shorter,” he said.

Through the Vast Bank Crypto Banking application, customers will have the ability to purchase a range of cryptocurrencies,…

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