September 19, 2021

Watch out for this scam message about Covid passports which could steal your credit card details

Messages about NHS Covid passports are the latest scam texts attempting to steal your bank and card details, given the passes are completely free to request on the official NHS app (not to be confused with the NHS Covid app).

Similar to scam texts around a Royal Mail or DPD delivery fee, this message asks recipients to visit a URL resembling that of the NHS website and enter a large amount of details – including card info – in order to pay a sum such as £4.99 for a Covid pass.

The pass, which demonstrates proof of an individual’s vaccination status, enables them to travel abroad and access areas in England which use the service.

Yet in this instance, if you were to go ahead and enter the credentials, you’d be paying a much bigger price, as the scammers will have your card details.

“The linked site is HTTPS, to give that added sheen of ‘this is the real website, because it’s got a padlock’. Hopefully you know that a…

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