September 27, 2021
Real Estate

Wellen Park could be spark for commercial real estate in North Port

The one axiom every commercial real estate broker will repeat time and time again is “retail follows rooftops.”

In south Sarasota County, the rooftops have been built, but for years the high-end retail found throughout northern sections of the county has not followed.

That’s about to change as Downtown Wellen, the first phase in the commercial development of Wellen Park, formerly the West Villages, broke ground in mid-August along U.S. 41 in an area that’s poised to explode with commercial development.

When fully built out the commercial developments in Downtown Wellen could reshape North Port’s image, providing the largest and most populated municipality in the county with a true urban landmark.

“One of the things that North Port residents have always bemoaned is that we don’t have a downtown,” said North Port City Commissioner Barbara Langdon. “We’re a very large,…

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