September 27, 2021

What are large language models (LLMs), why have they become controversial?

“Ethical” and “AI” aren’t two words often seen together (and one of them seems rare enough on its own these days), yet artificial intelligence ethics are extremely important for all of the non-artificial beings meandering around – especially when AI has the possibility to shape and influence real-world events.

The problems presented by unethical AI actions start with large language models (LLMs) and a fairly high-profile firing in Silicon Valley.

The Morning Brew’s Hayden Field explains that large language models are machine learning processes used to make AI “smarter” – if only perceptibly. You’ve seen them in use before if you use Google Docs, Grammarly, or any number of other services contingent on relatively accurate predictive text, including AI-generated emails and copy.

This style of machine learning is the reason we have things like GPT-3 (one of the…

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