November 15, 2021
Real Estate

What business owners are saying the high cost of real estate – Orange County Register

My days are filled counseling business owners. You see, my commercial real estate practice focuses on family-owned and operated manufacturing and logistics companies experiencing a transition.

Frequently, this transition causes a decision to be made about their locations. As an example. let’s say the operation is considering a merger. When two groups morph into one, a duplication of their facilities emerges, and in some cases, excess capacity results.

Our services are engaged to dispose of the overage through selling or subleasing the unwanted space. An expansion into another state also requires a partnership with us. We are able to locate vacant buildings in need of an occupant and negotiate lease or sale transactions. A dramatic increase in orders could lead to the need for a larger building.

Yep,we’ve seen that transition a lot these days.

But today, I’d like to focus on…

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