November 17, 2021

What San Antonio homeowners need to know about scams, come-ons and offers jamming their mailbox

When I bought my first house a few weeks ago, I expected the first mail I’d get there would be an invitation to a friend’s baby shower and the latest issue of Texas Monthly.

Instead, a few days after I moved in my mailbox was stuffed with envelopes with alarming wording containing letters that initially appeared to be from my mortgage company and a strange “designation of homestead request form.”

When I first saw them, my heart skipped a beat. I worried I’d missed one of the dozens of steps required to get a mortgage, despite my neurotic late-night research and many checklists.

An ominous “ATTENTION: FINAL NOTICE” warning blared from one envelope. “INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR MORTGAGE.”

“Important personal and confidential information enclosed,” another screeched…

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