October 21, 2021
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Eighty-one-year-old Ruth Morris faces the dispiriting prospect of selling her house and moving into an aged care home, Banksia House, at the behest of a son unwilling to care for her. Always fiercely independent, Ruth has difficulty adjusting. And when she finds out that her best friend, Gladys, is dying in Brisbane, she joins forces with new friends she has made – the indomitable Beryl and the Houdini of Banksia House, Keith – to hatch an escape plan. Their jailbreak leads to a wild interstate road-trip as they high-tail it from Sydney to Brisbane, bonding with each other along the way. The trio will hitch-hike, cross paths with backpackers and bikies, rock up to a Byron Bay wedding, and do just about anything but act their age. Spry feelgood comedy yields to poignancy – will Ruth get to see Gladys before she passes? – but this is one of those books that doesn’t…

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