October 20, 2021

WhatsApp scam warning issued over message which can empty bank account

WhatsApp are being warned about a worrying new scam which could empty their bank accounts.

A fresh warning has been issued urging people not to click on a message.

The new alert has been circulated by tech safety experts.

Security researchers in the East of Europe have discovered the scam messages which fraudsters are utilising to steal cash from unwitting victims.

As a result, WhatsApp users are being urged to exercise caution and stay vigilant in the face of the fraudulent messages.

Anti-virus provider Kaspersky Lab has warned: “Unexpected parcels requiring payment by the recipient remained one of the most common tricks this past quarter.

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“The reason for the invoice from the ‘mail company’ could be anything from customs duties to shipment costs.

“When trying to pay for the service, as with compensation fraud, victims were taken to a fake…

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