November 17, 2021

Which is the best COVID-19 vaccine? Is there a correct answer to this question? -Technology News, Firstpost

As the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine accelerates, people are asking more and more questions Which vaccine is best??

Even if you try to answer this question, it is not easy to define which vaccine is the “best”. Does that mean that vaccines are good at protecting you from serious illnesses? What protects you from any variant circulating near you? What needs less booster shots? For your age group? Or is it a completely different means?

A better vaccine? Image Credit: Tech2 / Abigail

Just because you can define what is “best” does not mean that you can choose a vaccine. Until a series of vaccines is available, the vast majority of people around the world will be vaccinated with the vaccines available. It is based on available clinical data and health authorities’ recommendations, or what your doctor will advise if you have an…

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