January 17, 2021
General News

‘Whining and complaining’: Biden tells Georgia voters he doesn’t understand why Trump wants to keep his job

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President-elect Joe Biden questioned Donald Trump’s ongoing election challenges, saying the outgoing chief executive spends most of his time “whining and complaining” rather than doing “the work” of his office.

“The president spends more time whining and complaining than doing something about the problem,” Mr Biden said at a campaign stop before two runoff elections in Georgia that will determine which party controls the Senate, referring to the slow Covid-19 vaccine distribution process.

“I don’t know why he still wants the job, he doesn’t want to do the work,” the incoming president said of Mr Trump’s efforts to try to create a path to a second term.

His comments came a day after a recording of a Saturday phone conversation between Mr Trump and Georgia state elections officials surfaced during which he told those state leaders he wanted them to help him “find” nearly 12,000 votes needed to win the state. Even some GOP lawmakers who typically side with the president have criticized him for appearing to press state officials to help him unfairly win a state and increase his Electoral College vote tally.

Mr Biden was declared the winner of the presidential contest in Georgia once the votes were all counted – then again after two statewide recounts. He noted that as he openly mocked the man he will replace in 16 days.

“We won three times here. Each recount,” Mr Biden said. “I think we should count it as three states.”