October 27, 2021
Real Estate

Why are real estate companies advertising they will buy your house? | Siouxland Homes

Dear Monty: We are not planning on selling our home just yet. One of the curious observations we have is that real estate companies have started to promote buying our home within the last year. The idea is that by selling directly to a real estate company, we can avoid the hassle and uncertainty involved with marketing our home for sale. We looked at a trade-in program 20 years ago when we bought our last house and felt it was costly and one-sided. What is causing this new shift?

Monty’s Answer: There have been at least two significant changes over the past 20 years that affect how some companies market real estate services today. Consumers today have become accustomed to getting instant service. You can buy a refrigerator today online and have it delivered tomorrow. Technology has caused many of us to lose patience.

Secondly, the real estate industry has recently become attractive to…

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