November 15, 2021

Why are the global rich planning Great Reset? What changes for India?

The World Economic Forum proposes to revamp how things are run; while it’s high on ideals and ideas, critics accuse it of being elitist and detrimental to the poor

The Great Reset lays emphasis on automation, which may cause a lot of disruption in India.

As the pandemic takes lives, culls jobs, pummels industries and flattens economies, the world’s rich — nations, companies and individuals — have been looking at ways to make things better. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched The Great Reset as an initiative to address the key problems that mankind is facing now.

The idea, seen primarily as the brainchild of WEF Chief Executive Officer Klaus Schwab, is, on the surface at least, all things doable and eminently noble. Why then are right wingers smelling conspiracies, and why are the left wingers pooh-poohing the Great Reset?

And what difference…

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