June 18, 2021

Why do people get scammed?

LET’S get to the point: people desire to be rich and gain money as soon as possible.

Shortcuts, get rich real-quick scheme, double or triple your money, risk free, guaranteed returns…

Sounds familiar? What’s next? Shame. Regrets. Depression. Death?

Remember, there is hope and you don’t have to take away your life and embrace your foolishness. It happened because you allowed it.

The only difference is how you get back on your feet and face your shame. Just like sin, the devil calls us by our sin but God calls us by our name. Friend, may this enlighten you because we’re not condemning you if you are scammed.

Weeks ago, someone shared his story of attempting to end his life because the retirement fund of his parents was taken away–scammed online. Another lost her savings only to be fooled or scammed by a close friend to invest in an unfamiliar method…

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