July 28, 2021

Why do people like Belle Gibson create fake personas online?

Even a cursory glance at social media shows the power of personal branding.

But why do some people create fake personas online?

Last night, the ABC aired a new documentary about the rise and fall of Belle Gibson, a super-influencer who claimed to have successfully cured her terminal brain cancer through healthy eating and alternative therapies.

On Instagram, she was a clean-eating wellness blogger with a loyal following.

In reality, she’d never had cancer, and was fined $420,000 in 2017 for her false claims.

Of course, not everyone who chooses anonymity online is after fame and fortune. So why create an alter ego? And how can you tell when it’s a scam?

Instagram vs reality

Emily van der Nagel researches social media identities at Monash University.

She says social media sites, like Instagram, can be used to present the “best” versions of ourselves.

“We understand Instagram culturally as something where you … post beautiful things about…

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