August 5, 2021

Why does the Central Bank continue to buy dollars in the middle of the blue rise

Since the end of June and so far this month, the blue dollar returned to center stage, with an escalation that took him to exceed $ 180 this week. The gap with the official price has widened and is already close to 90%, a value that does not leave the Minister of Economy calm, Martin Guzman, which until a few weeks ago highlighted that this distance had been reduced to the 60% zone.

The central bank (BCRA) closely follows the exchange gap and seeks to control it with interventions in cash with settlement and regulations that tighten the stocks to the dollar. Meanwhile, take advantage of foreign exchange earnings from the field to continue buying US banknotes, as you will need them in the coming months.

The entity, led by Miguel Pesce, acquired more than $ 1 billion in July…

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