July 27, 2021

Why Indians lose most money in tech scams

NEW DELHI: India-based fake call centres have mushroomed in a big way to defraud people across the globe. In Microsoft‘s new findings of its 2021 survey, India is seen as the hub of such call centre talent being put to criminal use.
The survey, comprising 16 nations and 16,254 adult internet users, found that seven out of 10 in India encountered tech support scams in the past year. As many as 31% of those who continued with scam interactions lost money in 2021, an 17-point increase from 2018. Millennials and men were most susceptible to losing money from scams, says the survey.
Alarming situation:
* In October 2019, the cyber crime unit of Kolkata Police raided and shut down two call centres in the city.
* In November 2018, Delhi Police arrested 63 in a crackdown on fake call centres.
* In June 2021, three call centres were busted in Gurugram and since January 2021, eight such call…

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