October 27, 2021
General News

Why the French presidential election should matter to Britain

Next week sees what the French call la rentréethe return when French schools re-open, the July and August holidays fade, and the political season blossoms again. From now until April the only political story there will be is who is going to be the next President of France.

After Biden

s despatch of Trump and the imminent
next month of a pragmatic continuity coalition government in Germany (even if not headed by a Christian Democratic
), the choice of the next French President
is a vital question
. It is vital for Europe, for Brexit Britain, and for the new geopolitics now painfully being born, after the failure of early 21st-century military interventions by the democracies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

France remains a permanent member of the UN security council and, with Britain, France is Europes…

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