November 15, 2021
Real Estate

Why Utah moved its prison: Prime Draper real estate about to be set free

Draper Mayor Troy Walker was slightly out of breath after pedaling his e-bike about nine miles up some 2,200 feet of steep, winding dirt trails.

He stopped at an overlook with sweeping views of his city, a bustling suburb about 20 miles south of Salt Lake City. Below, a steady stream of cars appearing miniature in the distance zoomed up and down I-15, the freeway that acts as Utah’s main transportation artery.

To the east of I-15, Draper neighborhoods span all the way up the foothills, right to the edges of the trail system that Walker had just ridden up in Corner Canyon. It’s the largest swath of open space and trails along the Wasatch Front, with more than 117 miles of trails and over 4,500 acres of preserved foothills. It’s a busy but vast, unpaved trail system that Walker, an avid mountain biker, rides frequently, and he jumps at the chance to show it off to visitors….

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