October 23, 2021
General News

Will US politics bury or expose truth?- The New Indian Express

Respected science writer Nicholas Wade uncovers more. About how the guild of virology obfuscated, the World Health Organisation was suborned, the anti-Trump US media kept silent and the divided US polity let the culprit escape. Being a disciplined writer he did not touch the most sensitive subject – the link between the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and the PLA (Chinese military), which is now coming out. With the risky cooperative venture of the two friendly powers now in conflict endangering the world, where does all this leave the US and China, the world and its future? Read on.

One-sided love

With no ancient history to learn from and guided only by recent histories in its geopolitical strategies, the US is paying for its post-Cold War assumption that a prosperous China would eventually democratise. A great Indian seer said as far back as in 1973 that…

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