November 17, 2021

Windows Is No Big Deal. That’s Huge.

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I was surprised to stumble on the news that Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows in a few weeks. I had no idea, and knowing stuff like that is my job.

Not so long ago, a fresh model of Windows software was a marquee tech moment. Now, a Windows debut is basically a nonevent. This shows technology has evolved from a succession of Big Bang moments to something so meshed into our lives that we often don’t notice it.

The bottom line is that a lot of technology has become no big deal. And that is a very big deal.

The last version of Windows as we knew it was arguably released in 2012. I was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal at the time, and my professional life that year was dominated by the unveiling of Windows 8 — including the anticipation, the strategy around it, and its eventual…

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