October 20, 2021
General News

Winner and Loser of the Week in Florida politics — Week of 8.01.21

In honor of schools reopening across Florida, district leaders face a multiple-choice question. Do they:

A: Stand up to Gov. Ron DeSantis and require students to wear a face mask, essentially calling his bluff.

B: Go along to get along by leaving masks optional, thus ensuring no risk of lost funding.

Some large districts chose answer A. Sort of.

Districts in Orange, Broward, Leon, Alachua, and Duval counties say students have to wear face coverings. These happen to be five large districts with a combined student population of more than 660,000.

The state’s largest district, Miami-Dade County, planned to make masks optional but now is reviewing that idea. Children must wear masks on school buses.

Hillsborough and Palm Beach counties decided that masks are required but parents could opt out. In Hillsborough, teachers can’t enforce mask mandates and those who aren’t compliant…

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