November 16, 2021

With his signature, Sununu owns worst budget in NH history — Scam Guards

Rep. David Meuse

The day before Gov. Chris Sununu signed the worst budget in New Hampshire history into law late Friday afternoon, the Majority Leader of the New Hampshire House of Representatives framed it as “a transformational symphony of reforms.”

While elections have consequences and members of different political parties are never expected to be fully in tune with each other when it comes to state spending, this particular “symphony” is much closer to a symphony of sorrow and depravity than “reform.”

Not content to simply make cruel and questionable spending decisions and play their usual shell game of appearing to cut state taxes while shifting the cost of services to property tax payers, the self-proclaimed “conservative” authors of this budget also crammed in a number of critical changes to state law usually filed as separate bills. 

The result is a flaming dumpster fire that is nothing short of…

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