October 19, 2021

Woman Confesses To Scamming Cristiano Ronaldo After He Shared His Credit Card Details With Her

A con artist identified as Maria Silva has been handed a four-year suspended jail sentence for swindling Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo of £250,000 ($3,41,716.25) in a travel scam.

The sentencing was laid by a court in Porto, as reported by Portuguese daily Jornal de Noticias Sunday. While Silva refused to answer the cops during questioning, she made a full-blown confession in court.

The media outlet exposed Silva’s scam which entailed a breach of the trust by misusing the football legend’s funds after he gave her access to his credit card details and pins via a ‘virtual credit card and pin’. The outlet maintained that the amount the travel agent scammed—£245,770 ($3,35,943) was allegedly attributed to 200 trips between Portugal and other European countries as well as Europe and Africa and the US, which in reality the multi-millionaire and his family never made.

Silva’s master plan was executed by convincing…

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