October 23, 2021

Woman loses thousands of dollars in home rental scam

In today’s housing market, finding a place to buy or rent is difficult, if not impossible, and is the perfect setting for scammers to hijack their homes online. A woman in Pennsylvania lost thousands of dollars in a home rent scam. Melinda de Twiler’s house, found for a family of six in Murrels Inlet, South Carolina, was near her husband’s new job. In the video, this house was irresistible. “That was perfect. We had four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It was near the beach we all wanted,” she said. However, Dewiler found this property on Craigslist. She contacted two men disguised as the owner and a rental agent by email and text message. She decided to rent a house because they sent her a rental contract that seemed legal. “I had to send $ 3,500,” she said. Detweiler had to send the money via Bitcoin, which is the preferred payment method for fraudsters, because it cannot be tracked. Detweiler managed to catch the…

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